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I wanna be the reason when you smile and feel save and loved. 

I am a globetrotting photographer who writes. I love summer, forests, a good laugh, my dog, exploring, silence, elephants, cold showers, Japan, music, and not talking about myself. I have my best ideas wearing wellies.

Dear Reader,

I write books for you, the little ones, and you – the adult dreamer. Books brimming with big dreams, kindness, and bravery.

When you are reading my books, please slow down. Take your time to day dream, to ponder and engage. Make memories that will last forever. Live simply and slowly with purpose and loving intention. Close the door on the noise of the world and enjoy this magical pleasure of reading a children’s book.

I wish you a delightful little break that will make your day special. 

Yours, Livy xx



Living In

Bavaria, Germany